The software will enable you to create, control, manage and share your project. VisualProjet's features make it a powerful project management system.

Installation, creation of a new project... To help you to take control of VisualProjet, detailed user guides and video tutorials are available throughout this site.

You can test VisualProjet for free during a 30-day trial period. You will surely adore it, like did dozens of other companies and professionals before you !

Create project schedules

  • Create easily your schedules of project tasks as captured on the fly, or from an Excel spreadsheet
  • Gather any tasks under summary tasks to simplify complex scheduling
  • Indicate for each task the quantity of work expected and eventual constraints of "start date not before" and "end date not after"...
  • Link these tasks to each other, choosing the tasks preceding or following by right clicking the mouse on the selected tasks
  • Assign each task to one or more material or human resources, with a rate of assignment of work on task variable to smooth the load / spread the task over time, taking into account automatically absences and dates sites closure
  • Add milestones on your planning
  • Add comments, details and paste hyperlinks to documentation or any type of file,
  • Display the work load of the resources on the Gantt diagram of the project
  • Create your planning from templates, themselves achieved by simple click from existing projects, replace the eventual generic resources by other resources
  • Make a project as part of a quotation, once the order is received, select the project with a single click, specify a T0 (start date) and check the impact on the workload of your resources
  • Enter the objectives of working hours, hourly costs, revenue/expenditure target (possibly by categories of tasks) and revenue/expenditure.

Control your projects

  • Select the projects where you're involved using different filters : by team, project manager, by folder, by your recent projects, etc...
  • You can also view all selected projects on a single window and filter the displayed tasks : by milestone, tasks in late, tasks completed, etc...)
  • With a single click, display the liste of task and actions that concerns you on projects
  • For each task, you can entry the performed hours and the task progress. For each resource, the entry of performed hours can be done from a daily sheet, with calculation of total hours per day/week/month, with absences view. Possibility to lock this entry before a specific date.
  • Check project trajectory, between hours of the objective, and hours scheduled/re-scheduled, performed hours, and a prediction at project end
  • Similary, enter the revenue/expenditure on project
  • Suspend temporarily tasks when priorities on other tasks
  • In case of difficulty, add extra hours of work on tasks, dated and explained
  • Enter all important events on a project history
  • Make a "snapshot" of the project when required, to copy the project state to project history at this date
  • Enter a list of actions in parallel to the project (possibily an external document of your company), with automatic callback of open points not closed and late
  • Capitalize by viewing the project history, the summary of additional hours added on project tasks, the actions-list, revenue/expenditure...
  • View all tasks for all your active projects and open them directly from this state by double-clicking
  • View the hours performed by resource, team, project, for any period
  • Display the man-months workload per job, depending on availability of resources, whether real or virtual (generic ressources per job)
  • Compare your projects between them, represented as bubbles, depending on their progress, duration, quantity of work and resources affected

Manage your material or human resources

  • Create a list of your human resources (with their period of working hours and hourly cost) and material. Group them in team, site, jobs
  • Enter the dates of openings and closures, bridges, etc ... of your company
  • Enter for each resource, vacations, absences or exceptional presences (work during the weekend, etc ...)
  • Display the consolidated workload (overload / underload) of your resources on all your projects, superimposed on project tasks assigned to these resources
  • From this view, open projects directly by double-clicking to modify overload/underload detected. Smooth load by right clicking on the problematic task, to delay it or change the value of allocation rate of the affected resource, or interrupt the task

Share your projects

  • Access to projects with the WEB or copy your project databases on mobile PCs, for outside meetings !
  • Share with colleagues your vision of the project, by pooling the resources and projects on a network directory, chat between connected to the server !
  • Print your projects, workload diagrams, hours completed, project trajectory, etc...
  • Export your projects, actions list, additional hours, projects summaries, hours completed, to MS Excel
  • Bilingual French-English with a simple click