connexion serveur visualProjet

Functioning as client/server (server provided free) with IP access: (public IP for WEB access, IP company network, or individual PC's IP)

connexion application visualProjet outil suivi de projet

Access by login/password, or by a global password, or by specific project password

logiciel de gestion de projet liste des projets visualprojet

Selection of the projects displayed on a table, grouped by teams, project managers (=portfolio), projects recently opened...

vue Gantt tous projets gestion projets visualProjet

View all projects selected on a single window, with powerful filters

Logiciel de gestion de projets

Creating and monitoring Gantt plannings for one or several projects, by creating tasks with planned work, time constraints, resources, links between tasks, interrupts on tasks, categorization of task, detail on tasks with access to the project documentation by hyper-text link.

export VisualProjet vers MS Project et Excel

Export to Microsoft Excel for all project data, by tab, and according to easily customizable templates that can contain macros specific to the habits and rules of the company

trajectoire projet outil gestion projet visualProjet

View of the project trajectory (objectives / planned work / hours completed) with forecasting hour and hourly costs at project end date

mes taches et actions ligne de temps

Display all your personal tasks

saisie des temps application gestion projet visualprojet

Possibility to entry the hours performed on project tasks, with display for total daily, weekly and monthly. Blocking entry possible for previous months

charge travail logiciel gestion projet visualProjet

View of the workload of each resource or resource teams (human or material) on all projects, with tasks allocated day by day to one or all resources of a team, in the form of Gantt chart...

charge homme jours logiciel gestion projet visualprojet

View of the workload in man months per type of job and view of the resources required for this type of job

gestion ressource soft pilotage projet visualProjet

Management of human and material resources (vacations, work during the week-end, date of site closing/opening, period of worked hours, hours costs, autorized functionality, etc. ...), management of virtual generic resources, substitution of a resource by another resource

synthese projet soft gestion projet visualprojet

Summary of selected projects to display their information, indicators and trajectories

Functioning under Seven, 8, 8.1, 10, server 20XX r2, as well as TSE, Citrix, Myrid connect

Continuous improvement of software and its documentation, while maintaining ascending compatibility of the project files.

Software referenced in many companies (Electronics, Industry, Building, Architects, Administration, Developer...)